Brief Introduction of Men Belts

Belts are the most important accessory of a look. Even if one does not always realize it, it is a fundamental element in any outfit. 

The whole thing is to keep the right size as far as the color of your belt is a concern, that in the same tone as the clothing worn , then be careful to choose the characteristics in relation to the morphology(all kinds of loops, choose quality belt buckles for men, there is a balance to be respected). 

The material of your belt will closely related to the style of clothes you want to wear. In this sense, it is impossible to wear a cotton belt with a suit, and it is not coherent to wear a belt too formal with casual chino. 

In general, there are some materials used in the composition of our belts. Be aware, leather is often referred to as a standard quality of any belt. 

As you can see, the real quality of a leather belt depends mainly on the skin that is used to form it, the price will follow accordingly. And if you are looking for men’s belt,  shopsquare is the ideal choice and you can buy it via

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Belts are available in calfskin or calf leather (suede). They are found in many variations, smooth, braided, hollow, raw leather, seeds, etc. 

As with all leather garments, there is also a belt made in ostriches, lizards, crocodiles and all sorts of animals. Again, prices vary depending on the rarity of the animal and skin.