Canelo vs Chavez Boxing 2017

Social media sites and other media platforms are in a craze about the Canelo vs Chavez fight that is going to happen. There were hearsays and some fans saw it on Manny Pacquiao’s social media site that they have agreed to the terms that they wanted to happen between him and Khan. It was stated as well that the fight will happen on April 23 at UAE. On the other hand, Bob Arum released a statement as well affirming that everything is yet to be decided and there has been no date and place between Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan fight.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum will be on a meeting with Michael Koncz which is Manny Pacquiao’s personal adviser pretty soon to discuss about a fight that would meet their expectations as to Amir Khan’s presumed fight. They are looking in a different fighter as well to face Pacquiao, he is Jeff Horn and is said to have the fight over in Australia. However, Bob Arum have doubts in the Australia fight and he felt that it is unlikely to attract fans to watch the fight. Bob Arum is more concerned on the revenue and profit of the event. On the other hand, UAE is more likely place to have the fight take place since there are a lot offers that is in favor to Bob Arum’s liking. Moving forward on the fight, Bob Arum and the rest of their managers and or handlers that they will be on the same page to come up with a final decision because they don’t want their boxing fans to lose interest in the event.

With several news about a Pacquiao fight going to happen this April, it is still unlikely to happen and yet to be decided. Bob Arum is expecting Pacquiao probably to fight twice in 2017 with Horn and Khan standing by. Venues, the fighters and fight dates have been circulating however, everything is still to be discussed with having everyone on the same boat with the decision.