Different Products for ESD Floor Installation

There are various products available in the market, as well as various installation contractors. An experienced, knowledgeable, professional contractor, who can provide turn-key installation, should be your starting point.

There are various products for the installation of ESD floors (Also known as “ การติดตั้งพื้น ESD “ in the Thai Language) like ESD Epoxy and polyurethane coatings (for high traffic areas), to Carpet, Rubber, and Vinyl.

Carpet tiles are installed with a clean, quick-drying release adhesive. Tiles can be installed directly over the old VCT or concrete. If you are tired of the maintenance and waxing an SDT dissipative vinyl ESD floor, then carpet tile might be a good choice.  

Conductive rubber’s biggest advantage is that it is effective to prevent static in areas where grounded footwear does not, or can not use areas such as computer labs, command centers, and 911 call center.

Ergonomically, the rubber has a better anti-fatigue of epoxy or vinyl; Rubber less porous than vinyl, which makes it easier to clean, wash and maintain.

In order to accommodate the different needs in various departments, you can combine different flooring solutions, for different areas within the facility. 

You can install carpet tiles in the assembly area then install a high traffic area of ​​epoxy conductive flooring systems, to handle most of the forklift traffic. Another possibility is to install vinyl tiles over access flooring and epoxy products in heavy traffic areas.