How Countries Around The World Celebrate Memorial Day?

Different countries celebrate Memorial Day in various ways. In some countries, the local wear clothes of the colors of the flag on the Memorial Day while others go to the cemetery. Each country has a different date, day and traditions to honor soldiers who gave their lives for a more peaceful world.

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Below are some countries and how they celebrate their respective Memorial Day:

1. Australia and New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand Anzac Day is commemorated on 25th of April of every year. That was the first time forces of Australia and New Zealand participated in World War 1. On the Anzac Day, the services start at dawn followed by parades and marches. As a tradition many people play “two up” which is a game that was often played by soldiers who participated in World War I.

2. The Netherlands

In Netherland Memorial Day is known as “Dodenherdenking” meaning ‘remembrance of the dead.’ In Netherlands they commemorate soldiers on May 4th of every year. On this day they honor all the civilians and military people who lost their lives during the World War II. The main services are conducted on the National Monument located at Dam Square in which the royal family is present.

3. England

In England this ceremony is held on 11th November of every year. This is because on the 11th of November, World War I ended in Britain. In England, the royal family gathers outside for two minutes of silence at 11 a.m. Flowers are laid on cemeteries and war memorials.

These are some ways different countries honor the soldiers and people who gave their life at Australia Western Front.