How to Set up A Crystal Altar?

Make a crystal altar for your own is fun and it is easy to do. A crystal altar is a precious holy space, where you store your crystal collection. 

You can only have one altar, or if you have a large collection of crystals you might want to have one large or several smaller ones.

You can design your altar in a special or sacred place or on a desk or bookshelf. This must be the place undisturbed and special just for this. 

If you want to burn incense or candles you have to make sure it’s not a place that would cause a fire if you do this. If you may want to have an altar near the place where you can meditate, you can go with www.โต๊ะหมู่บูชาปิดทองราคาถูก.com/2016-12-01-06-56-25.

The items on your altar or sentiment should be of particular interest to you. Some examples could be a special picture, feathers, shells, stones, flowers, candles, or anything of that nature. 

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Some crystals good to have them on the altar each are rose quartz and quartz or clear quartz cluster. You may want to include all of the elements in some way on the altar of your (earth, air, wind, fire, etc.), you can choose a special stone to describe these elements. 

You may want to create a mini-grid in the center of the altar or to the side for a particular purpose or person. To make a simple mini-grid you can use single-terminated quartz four points, with points facing out, around the center.

It will radiate energy to the whole setting. You can place a crystal ball, a ball or a special cluster in the middle of the grid.