Mistakes to Avoid When Coaching a Jack Russell Puppy

When you are training a Jack Russell puppy for the first time, it's easy to make errors. In the beginning, puppy care appears to be simple – feed the puppy in time, give it a place to sleep, and things will be OK. Then you begin to discover things are not so straightforward. If you are looking for buy a dog, we have jack russell terrier puppies for sale.

Mistakes to Avoid When Coaching a Jack Russell Puppy

Housetraining Jack Russell Puppies

When you begin with housetraining, avoid punishing your puppy for making a mistake by going to the bathroom in the incorrect location. This is the number one mistake new owners make. Do not yell at the pup or rub his nose in this mess – that is confusing and frightening for a puppy and does not instruct him what you really want him to do.

Nipping and Biting

The frequent reaction most owners have every time a puppy bites it, to punish the puppy. Again, this may cause more problems than it solves. Nipping is a natural behavior for dogs – they must learn from other members of the pack to not bite.

Your family is the puppy's package – so you must teach the puppy to not bite hard. Being a fantastic pack leader is a massive part of Jack Russell puppy training.

Destroying Clothing and Furniture

Understand that it is completely natural for a puppy to chew up and destroy things in his surroundings, and again, punishing the puppy by yelling or hitting him is a bad idea. Instead, you want to offer the pup with loads of toys and chewable food treats to keep him occupied.