Resolving Your Jack Russell’s Aggression Problem

After generations of breeding, the Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) could display a somewhat destructive temperament. Jack Russell is an active and intelligent dogThrough no real fault of their dog, man's attempts to turn this puppy into a hunting companion have awakened an aggression feature inside this creature which might not be appropriate in a household atmosphere.

 Resolving Your Jack Russell's Aggression Problem

Controlling Jack Russell Aggression

The very first step in solving these problems understands the 2 types of Jack Russell aggression. One is completely within their character and will be more difficult to control, whereas another needs to be halted in its tracks until it is given the opportunity to get any easier.

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Dog-to-dog aggression

This is the most typical kind of Jack Russell aggression and is something whish’s simply in their character. These puppies are notoriously territorial and protective of their own, which makes them quite confrontational when confronted with a different dog. This hot-headedness, together with their fearless character, means that they can readily get into trouble – especially when they begin on dogs which are a great deal larger than they are.

Aggression towards individuals

Less common than the former, this sort of aggression is a lot more terrifying for owners. These puppies feel as if they're in control and maintain mastery of the home, even more than human members of the family or other people.