Simple Yet Effective Strategies For Blogging With Leslie Rubero

Blogging with Leslie Rubero

Many people consider blogging nothing more than a hobby, a way to keep yourself entertained in your spare time. However, successful bloggers, such as Leslie Rubero, who have turned this hobby into a fruitful profession have managed to make a point in showing the world how one can make money from blogging. The main thing all these successful bloggers have in common is that they don’t do things at random. They all have a solid strategy to support their blogs and their social media presence. If you want to follow their example, this article in cooperation with Leslie Rubero, will help you develop the best blogging strategy to bring you closer to your goals.

An effective blogging strategy should start with the identification of the core target. Who are the people you want to get as your readers? How do they look like? What are their hobbies? Where do they like to congregate? You should try to depict your target reader as accurately as possible. This will help you craft your blog posts in a way that would entice them into reading and sharing them. The strategy of defining your audience before even writing the very first post on your blog will help you attract the attention of people who matter to you. By the time you’ll want to monetize your blog, they are going to be among the first to use your affiliate links to buy services and products they need.

Being consistent is another powerful and effective strategy. You have to develop a posting schedule and stick to it no matter what. The post scheduling option in WordPress should help you achieve this objective even during the periods when you can’t work on your blog. In order to avoid failure, you should set a reasonable posting routine. It’s much better to decide you’re going to post twice a week and stick to your promise, rather than aiming for five posts a week and failing at writing them. However, try to post at least once a week, as you may not be able to gain traction, if you can only write two articles per year. Although many people claim that the attention span is too short for us to read longer posts online, you shouldn’t fall for this myth. Always aim to write long posts, so that people who really need that information to be able to read it. All others can skip to the end after reading the first two paragraphs or click an ad to exit your website while making you a few cents in the process. In addition, longer articles tend to rank better and for more search terms in Google, Yahoo or Bing. The more words an article contains, the more chances there are for Google to consider it relevant for more keywords. Never underestimate the power of long tail keywords in bringing more traffic to your blog.

SEO should be one of your main priorities. While many bloggers believe SEO is dead, you can rest assured that millions of people use search engines to find information, products and services every day. Although its power has diminished a little, due to Google’s attempts to push down the organic results on their SERPs, there are still many searches that can bring you a lot of targeted traffic. You have to keep in mind that obtaining good rankings is a mater of good on-page optimization, patience and getting enough inbound links to your posts to defeat your competitors. An effective blogging strategy should include guest posting, link exchanges and other such methods of determining people to link to your posts. Avoid any black hat methods and tools, as they may lead to a Google ban you may never be able to lift. Be honest and always use only legit methods of promoting your pages. Keep in mind that you should also take care of the internal linking. Whenever you write a new post, you should link to two of your older ones. This will help the authority flow to spread across all pages of your blog. Authority is one of the parameters that influence search engine rankings, so it’s in your best interest to strive to improve it.

Social media can bring you a nice chunk of traffic. However, if you spread yourself too thin, you may never manage to get the traction required for your articles to go viral. Pick one or two social networks that are popular among your readers, and build your blog a strong profile. Since being active and consistent in social media requires a lot of time and energy, you should think about creative ways of automating your work. For instance, you can sign up for one of the social media scheduling tools that are available today. They are quite effective, and they can save you precious time. You can assign half day per week to schedule your Facebook postings and your Pinterest pins for the following seven days, so that you can take this chore off your mind. Many bloggers have confessed this simple strategy has brought them unexpected success in terms of traffic and affiliate revenue.

Your blogging strategy should focus on several aspects. The most important one is creating good content according to Leslie Rubero. You have to write about things your readers want to see, and be compelling in your writing. If needed, you should take a creative writing class to improve your skill. The other aspect of a good blogging strategy is the presence of your blog in the online environment, whether we talk about search engines or social media. Last but not least, make sure you do some networking whenever you have the chance. Meeting other bloggers may lead to friendships or business partnerships, link exchanges, guest posting opportunities, and many other perks that could help you reach your goals sooner.

These strategies are simple and effective. However, you have to consider that you need to be willing to do the work, in order to reap the benefits of a solid blogging strategy. Things don’t happen without consistent work and motivation, so try to stay on the right track until you reach your blogging goals.