Some Choices in Wood Cladding

A home is where you can freely do whatever you want. People love to design the interior and exterior of their homes. Wood is a natural, renewable resource that is beautiful and durable. Thus, it is prescribed for a variety of applications. 

Wood is available in the forest. Forests are an essential and major part of the natural world and the basic components of many of the earth’s ecosystems.

If you look at the source for interior and exterior, you must be thinking about wood cladding styles. There are two types of wood cladding, softwood, and hardwood. 

There are many companies that can manufacture wooden doors specifically according to your own needs and designs. There are more than 150 species of wood. For example Aangili,  Mahogany, Mulberry, Oak, Beech, etc. 

All of this wood can be machined to the required size, or laminated, or molded, or made into a kit, and freighted to your application. There are many different types of wood used in engineering and construction. 

All have their own individual properties, quality and strength. So appropriate selection for the right timber for the job should be considered.