Types Of Beach Cover-Ups

Courtesy: youlookfab

Everyone loves the beach and showing off their perfectly shaped bodies. However, not everyone likes walking up to the bar in bikini. Some are shy and hesitate about the unwanted attention, while others simply think it is inappropriate.

Whatever your reason may be, we have the perfect solution for your problems. We have compiled a list of commonly used cover-ups that will up your beach game. Here are some of them:

  • Tunics

These light, airy and oversized tops usually go below the waist and are thigh high. You can get these is full sleeves, half or even without sleeves depending on your preferences. Most of the women prefer the tunics that are made from sheer fabric and gives a sultry look.

  • Caftan

The caftans have interesting sleeves, they are oversized and drop down with a slit in the middle. These sometimes even touch the feet. It has a belt around the waist area that is adjustable. It gives the illusion of a thinner figure.

  • Sarong

A sarong can be worn in a couple of ways. If you want to achieve a slim look then you should try wearing it around the waist. If your body shape is like an apple, then wearing the sarong around the torso will enhance your figure.

  • Maxi

The long flowy dresses are our all-time favorites; this gives a chic vibe and makes you look taller and slimmer.

If you are into designer swimwear and cover-ups then these can be the perfect start, choose the type of cover-up that you want for the next breach day and get in touch with a retailer as soon as possible.