Types of Cables for Industrial Applications

There are different types of wires that are used for industrial application because each type of wire and cable has different properties. Following are some types of wires that are specifically used for industrial applications and projects.

Courtesy: wiring.elpasotexaselectrician

1. PVC cable

These cables have a covering of PVC material which makes them last longer. They are usually used in areas with a moderate amount of mechanical stress. They are especially considered suitable for the food industry. This is because they provide with good resistance against most chemical agents.

2. PUR cable

This type of cable is popular for its long life and long-term flexibility which is most often needed in machine tools. These cables also have high mechanical strength which makes them better than other types of cables and are highly resistant against most oils and chemical agents. They are usually used in assembly lines, plant engineering, machine tool manufacturing and different types of production lines. 

3. PUR U cable 

These cables are considered perfect for more heavy-duty projects like dragging chains, rotary tables or swivels. These are very flexible and come with PUR U sheathing that makes them perfect for harsh conditions. Moreover, these wires have more mechanical strength than other types of industrial cables. They are also resistant to oil and fire. Similar to PUR cables they are used for plant engineering, production lines and assembly lines.

The above cables are easily available at any cabling equipment Australia shop or warehouse. Know what your need is and purchase accordingly.