Why I Rely On MREs In Wholesale To Keep My Scout Troop Fed

I usually rely on MRE wholesale stores to feed my scout troop. Whenever possible, we tell the boys to come up with menus, gather ingredients and then cook them over their stoves. This teaches them how to prepare meals and have something to eat in the wilderness.

However, this is not practical during some trips as we may not be able to prepare meals. For instance, on some of our hiking trips, we know that we will get so wiped out climbing up mountains that we are not going to have the time or energy to cook.

MRE rations fill the void this creates as the boys can heat them up by themselves. Some of the boys, however, do not have the time to heat MRE rations and just rip into the stuff and eat it as is.

Even though I find this a little uncouth, I just understand because I am dealing with older boys and teenagers in the middle of the woods. Table manners are not even considered and my boys just want something to fill their stomachs.

Some of the adult leaders chide me for not forcing the boys to cook each and every meal over the fire. However, I figure if they know how to do it and practice it regularly, that is enough. Scoutmasters who don't bother accompanying the boys on the trips don't get to make these decisions.

I personally found MREs to be really helpful and my boys just love them. In the past, MRE meals were tasteless but this is not the case nowadays as MREs are tasty and ready to eat. The only difference is that these meals are self-heated and you don't need to warm up your meal.

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